Saturday, March 7, 2009

Once upon a time

The Pellets hit him in the knee

And he went instantly to screaming
No longer was he having glory stories
Running in his head
No longer any grandiose dreaming

He was going into shock
As I walked over to him and stood above
I raised the barrel of my Mossberg Defender
To right between his eyes and took away his love

I took away his life his wife his future
I took away everything in his past
I took it all away I took it away
Brutally efficiently with one more blast

That blew his head in half
That changed the shape of his skull
No longer would he be dangerously stupid
No longer unrelentingly unremorsefully dull

But right before

He looked up at me one last time
Trying to be real trying to not run a scam
But he could read it in my eyes
It's too late man
It's too late to give a damn

And double ought buck
Erased his face
Erased the smirk of a jerk
And blew his brains all over the place

7:44 am
transcribed this time
6:38 pm